“Fate comes a-knockin’, doors start lockin'”

This blue beauty is one of my favorite winter coats! Bright, elegant, and chic, it’s a timeless statement piece that I’ve dubbed my “Politician’s Wife” coat. Made of lightweight but warm wool and hitting at a midi-length, it’s perfect to wear casually with jeans, like here, or over dressier outfits. When I can’t figure out which coat goes best with a look, I’ll turn to this one because it seems to wear well with just about anything.



Sometimes when I think to myself “Politician’s Wife” coat, I hear the chorus from “Same Old Song and Dance” by Aerosmith in my head, a tongue-in-cheek testament to my exasperation towards the American political system and the players within it. Of course sometimes I watch or read things that inspire hope, but man, it really does feel like nothing. ever. changes,  nor will it. The same personalities run for office, the same promises are made, the same games are played, the same cliche and predictable stories play out. “Same Old Song and Dance” is refreshing because it expresses that frustration in such a cool, glorified way, like it makes you feel good to be fed up. I find the beat infectious, and it works well with this coat too because it’s the kind of song I like to listen to while walking around the city, wearing a powerful look like this and feeling like I’m about to shake things up.


You could look, but you ain’t gonna find it around

I’m admittedly not a huge Aerosmith fan, but the few songs of theirs I like I do really like. I rarely actively listen to them, but every now and then they come on at work or in the car and I remember how much I enjoy their classics.

Listen to it here! “Same Old Song and Dance”-Aerosmith

“Well I guess you’d say, what can make me feel this way?”

This is such a delicate, colorful dress that makes me feel charming and ladylike from the moment I put it on. The purple and pink floral pattern is so pretty, and I love the pleated skirt, it’s so fun to swish around while walking. I wore it with tan faux suede heels to complete the look in an easy, polished way.



A dress this feminine and sweet is best to twirl around in while listening to a song like “My Girl” by The Temptations. I adore this song, and I think it captures such a universal sentiment in a pure, simplistic way. The music is syrupy but still light and airy, and I just love the idea of “my girl/my guy” feelings, that mix of pride and awe and wonder like “wow, that’s the person for me.”


Talkin’ ’bout my girl 

This is a great song to play when everything is starting to bloom! It heightens the fairytale-like quality of nature in springtime, and together they make my heart feel like it could burst with joy and compassion and ridiculous love for the world and everything in it.

Listen to it here! “My Girl”-The Temptations

“I’m ready to play, today”

A baseball style tee and blue jeans are a classic outfit made for spring days spent outside running around. This tee has a heather grey base and burgundy sleeves, and I wore it with mid-wash denim that hits at the ankle and my marled grey/black Nike sneakers. It’s a sporty, casual look that makes me want to be playing in a yard with kids and animals or waxing a car in the driveway (something I indeed know how to do and associate with the first airs of spring!)



The baseball style top can’t help but make me think of “Centerfield” by John Fogerty. Baseball is my favorite sport to watch, and in high school a group of friends and I would get called out by our parents so we could spend Opening Day at Miller Park watching our beloved Brewers. “Centerfield” is a fun, feel-good song that makes you instantly feel like you’re itching to run out onto a field and start playing a pick-up game. This song also makes me think of my friend Matt, because in college he and I would grab gloves and play catch in Central Park, so much so that my parents actually gifted me a women’s glove.


Anyone can understand the way I feel

The line in “Centerfield” about “the Mighty Casey” is nostalgic too, because as kids “Casey at the Bat” was in the rotation of stories my dad would read my siblings and I before bed. Since moving to the East Coast, I prefer to go to Citi Field for Mets games over anything else, but I always wear my Brewers gear around town! My favorite baseball hat to throw on is my blue and yellow old-school Brewers logo cap, it clashes with nearly everything but in my opinion it makes it that much more fun to wear.

Listen to it here! “Centerfield”-John Fogerty

“Beautiful is the dream that makes you mine”

This is one of my favorite spring dresses! A beautiful white wrap dress with a vibrant orange, pink, and green floral print, it’s so light and cheery and makes me feel ultra lovely. I wore some rosy pink lipstick, diamond stud earrings, and pulled my hair back for a youthful, pretty look that leaves all emphasis on the dress itself.



A great upbeat, romantic song to match such a dress is “Rock Me Gently” by Andy Kim. This is such a bubbly, borderline-sappy sweet song that’s perfect for indulging those “lalala, I’m in love!” moods. I love the romance of the lyrics, and I think it’s sweet the idea of “be easy on me, I’ve never felt like this before.” Sometimes I get so carried away with intensity and passion, I forget how much I also love the tender and gentle parts of romance, and this song is a nice reminder!


You were made for me by the stars above

Lines like “Oh, my darling, oh, my baby, you got the moves that drive me crazy” and “Lord, I feel such a sweet surrender,” unleash those fluttery, infatuated feelings that I try so hard to suppress when I feel myself losing control, which makes me particularly relate to the surrendering aspect. I have a hard time in situations that feel unequal or out of my control in so many regards, and it takes a lot for me to surrender to my feelings over my reluctance and frustration. But when it’s worth it and right, surrendering is the sweetest relief of bliss.

Listen to it here! “Rock Me Gently”-Andy Kim

“That’s a need for each other anytime, anywhere”

All black everything! I wore my favorite black skinny jeans with this black mesh puff-sleeve top. Paired with black calf-high boots with silver studs or with black stilettos, it’s a killer look any way you wear it. Streamlined, sexy, and modern, I feel super hot and badass in this outfit, like the kind of woman who knows what she wants and gets it.





It’s those feelings that bring to mind “Urgent” by Foreigner. What a hot song! A mutual, urgent need for a person is never not a turn-on to me, it’s passion at it’s most heightened and sexiest, and I love that. However, the lyrics in “Urgent” imply that all they relate to is their urgent physical drive for each other, and he expresses the frustration and uncertainty of it in the verses, which isn’t very ideal to me. Even just in the context of intimacy–with a romantic partner, sometimes you’re in the mood for the slow, romantic, beautiful, and other times you want the animalistic, craving, lust-driven. Both are so necessary in a relationship, I feel like if it’s only the first you get bored and if it’s only the second it fizzles out. I think finding the person you want to make love to and devour is so special and important, and to do that there has to be a romantic desire deeper than just a physical desire.


Your desire is insane

In my opinion, there are few things as explosive as finding a person you feel that all-encompassing connection with.

Listen to it here! “Urgent”-Foreigner

“With the moves of two wide eyed kids, I need you so much today”

I love indulgent pajamas, there’s nothing more luxurious feeling than a pair of silky, ultra-comfortable pjs. This is a gorgeous set in the traditional sleep shirt and pants style, and I love the black and red floral print, it feels so sultry and reminiscent of the opera “Carmen” to me. If I’m having a night in, I love to throw these on with a pair of slippers and feel so cozy and pampered.



What better song for beautiful sleepwear than “When You Close Your Eyes” by Night Ranger? I love this song, it’s so passionate and has the right amounts of longing and nostalgia to make my chest ache. I love the way he starts each bridge with “I remember,” he sings those words with such raw emotion that it gives me a rush of emotion each time. There’s something so innocent and sweet about hoping someone dreams about you, like you’ve accepted that you can’t have them in the real world, so you hope they’re at least yours in dreams. I find that so sad and heartwarming at the same time!


We’re older now
Do you still think about me

Sometimes I think it’d be funny if the object of the singer’s desire responded and was like yeah, you’re in my nightmares…and I wonder, what would be worse, being forgotten or being loathed?

Listen to it here! “When You Close Your Eyes”-Night Ranger

“Words are sometimes hard to find, the silence can be so unkind, you always help me find my way”

Some of my favorite tops are simple t-shirts with an added embellishment to give it a little extra oomph. Take this J.Crew baseball style tee with a simple white body and grey sleeves, made special with a pretty jeweled neckline in pale pink, jade green, and shining silver shades. I love feminine touches like this, they make me feel effortlessly chic and polished. I wore this top with light pink pants for a soft, pastel look.




A great soft rock song to go with this pretty outfit is “Just Between You and Me” by April Wine. This is another example of a song that I hear on the radio from time to time and am like oh yeah, this song! The lyrics remind me of “A Matter of Trust” by Billy Joel, in that they too list all these ways couples fail but then reassures that the couple at hand are the exception. I find this song deeply romantic, and I like that it’s a mellow, easy listener with snippets of electric guitar riffs throughout it.


Just between you, just between you and me

I really do love the notion of “just between you and me,” because with the right person it does feel like you’re in your own world, and no one else needs to know the depth or details of your relationship.

Listen to it here! “Just Between You and Me”-April Wine

“But they’ll never kill the thrills we’ve got”

This bright red-orange dress is so bold and feminine! A corset bust with bow, cap sleeves, and a tight fit make this a dress to stand out in, even before you factor in the vivid color. I really love anything with a corset, it makes me feel like a French maiden or a 1940s starlet (some of my many dream lives.) And corsets automatically mean no bras, win-win! I feel like a siren in this dress, poised and put together but with a seductive undertone.




The fit of this dress makes me think of “Crocodile Rock” by Elton John, particularly the lyrics “Oh lordy mama, those Friday nights, when Susie wore her dresses tight.” This song is impossible not to dance to, it’s the perfect beat to let loose and move. I have so many memories of dancing like a loon with friends to this, even in a car once driving back from a sporting event. I feel like dancing in this dress to “Crocodile Rock” would be so fitting and perfect, I need to make this happen!


I never knew me a better time and I guess I never will

One day I’ll track down some of the videos my friends have of me dancing, when I get totally swept away by a song and totally submit to the music and go crazy…truly some of my most carefree, happiest moments on earth.

Listen to it here! “Crocodile Rock”-Elton John

“They give us those nice bright colors”

I’m obsessed with this gorgeous long sleeve lightweight t-shirt, the colors remind me of sorbet and I think it’s so pretty and cheerful. With casual jeans and dark brown ankle boots, it’s a look I’d wear out and about or to work. I feel so bright and happy wearing this color scheme, and I love when you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for beautiful, mood-setting pieces.




When I wear this I start to hear “Kodachrome” by Paul Simon in my head, because of the “nice bright colors,” naturally. I love Paul Simon (and Simon and Garfunkel) because it’s refreshing to listen to songs that tend to be about random subjects rather than the more typical matters of love and heartbreak. “Me and Julio Down by the School Yard,” “I Am A Rock,” and “Homeward Bound” are all catchy, fun songs that change things up a bit, as does “Kodachrome.” His music also manages to be upbeat and laid back at the same time, making it great to have on in the car or at parties.


Makes you think all the world’s a sunny day

“Kodachrome” makes me think of my friend Lindsey, particularly the lyrics about high school in the beginning. Lindsey and I were the rebellious Catholic school girls your parents warned you about, and we were infamous for opting out of school functions to go to the museum or drive down to the lakefront. One time we ended up at Harley Fest on Brady Street…and that was definitely an example of not letting schooling get in the way of our education. I loved school, I really did! I really do love learning, and I value formal education so much. I just think there’s also so much to be learned outside the walls of a school…and our high school was not the best example of inclusivity and leadership, to say the least.

Listen to it here! “Kodachrome”-Paul Simon

“One more for the road”

I love this menswear inspired oversized blazer! Boxy instead of a traditional fit, it’s on trend and makes me feel extra ambitious, like I could start my own production company or become a director. I kept it simple with a black tank, dark blue jeans, and black ankle booties. This is a perfect look for the transitions into fall and spring, when it’s too chilly to go without a jacket but too warm for anything heavy or insulated.



“Lido Shuffle” by Boz Scaggs is a great song for a look that makes you feel motivated, particularly about your career. This song is so fun and happy, even though it’s definitely about someone trying to break out of gambling debts. The music is so hopeful though! You get the sense that he’s the underdog and you’re rooting for him, though it’s fairly vague and I’m very suspicious of what exactly he’s gotten into…I draw the line at being a hitman or something.


Lido’s waitin’ for the go, Lido

I’m also very much dating myself by admitting I listen to Boz Scaggs…how old does that make me at heart, 50, 60?

Listen to it here! “Lido Shuffle”-Boz Scaggs