An off-the-shoulder peasant blouse is a timeless piece that feels romanticized yet practical. It can be worn with a skirt to heighten femininity, mini shorts to emphasize sexiness, or dress pants to elevate it to a sophisticated look. All the while, it seems to contribute to outfits that convey common, idealized female tropes: with a skirt, I feel like a damsel on the Mexican prairie; with shorts, a Daisy Duke-esque country vamp in the heat of summer; with dress pants, an elegant and regal Uptown Girl striding with intent down Madison Avenue. Which is fun for me! I say live in reality, but play up and indulge in your fantasies when you can. The navy and white print on this particular top, however, is similar to a bandana’s, which inherently makes it feel more casual and summery. I wore it with a pair of mid-waisted mid-wash jeans this past spring, along with hoop earrings, pink lips, and a low sitting messy bun.

I love wearing my hair like this, with delicate wisps that beg for the object of your affection to get close and tenderly tuck them behind your ear. I swoon over intimate, pure gestures like this!! Sometimes I feel like my heart is in a constant battle with itself between the need for soft, gentle romance and animalistic, aggressive passion. Just give me both my whole life please!! Equally electrifying and breath-taking, finding the person you share both with is so rare and special.


A song that feels like it caters to my romantic tendencies, yet still works with this cool, casual look, and even still is happy and infectious is “Ride Captain Ride” by Blues Image. I love this song because of the way it builds up excitement, with mellow but catchy verses that burst into a stronger, louder chorus that feels full of resound and refreshing adventure. I think this top and these jeans create a semi-70s look that corresponds well to the music, but even further, I like that this song romanticizes the sea as much as I romanticize things I wear. It makes me feel so happy and inspired when I hear it, besides the urge to dance I get a swell of hope and determination, usually for whatever impending adventure is about to be undertaken in my own life.


On your way to a world that others might have missed

I can think of a few adventures I hope take place/continue to develop in my immediate future…emphasis on immediate, god do I get impatient when I want something!

Listen to it here! “Ride Captain Ride”-Blues Image

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