I have been head over heels for this song the past few days! I’m sure I’ve heard “My Maria” sung by B.W. Stevenson before, but I honestly can’t remember when until this past weekend, when I was in Chicago for a super quick trip and was driving down Lake Shore Drive with the windows down on a summer Friday night. It was absolute bliss, like the soundtrack of my soul in the moment. Dare I say it may be one of my favorite songs right now? It’s so beautiful, romantic, airy, and ridiculously happy. I want this to be the song that always captures my soul, my aura. I want to make people feel the way this song feels!



I was torn between pairing this song with an airy, perfect-for-twirling skirt/dress, and this whimsical, colorful number, and in the end this dress won out (mostly because it’s harder to find other songs to pair this with). This is a conservative, cute work-style look, made to stand out with it’s bright paisley color print. It’s a Tommy Hilfiger dress bought from TJ Maxx, and I’ve never found any difference in quality when it’s purchased from a discount chain, only great savings on well-trusted labels. It’s such a happy, fun look, perfect for a song that makes your heart feel like it could burst with feeling and bliss. I really love the fit of this dress, too; it works with my shape without being either too boxy or too tight. Since the pattern is busy, I kept the rest of my look simple with a pulled back ponytail, light red lipstick, and diamond stud earrings.



Just my thoughts about you bring back my piece of mind

It’s a new life goal to one day dance my heart out to this, preferably outside, and in that twirly, flowy dress or skirt, and eventually at my wedding, too…this song really just makes me want to spin, dancing around in complete, mind-blowing happiness.

Listen to it here! “My Maria”-B.W. Stevenson

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