“Takin’ my time, choosin’ my lines, tryin’ to decide what to do”

It’s been so long since I’ve written! Not even just because I’ve been particularly busy…but more so because I’ve been¬†discombobulated. A lot of wonderful, weird, hard, encouraging, and infuriating things have happened this past month, and my mind and emotions have been all over the place at any given moment. I’ve been working on a lot of entries that I’ll be posting sometime soon that focus on a lot of these feelings and events, often involving issues that are very dear and important to me, that once again music, self-style, and writing have helped me make sense of, grapple with, and celebrate.

I’m keeping this post light, however, with a literal light, ruffled, pale pink bustier top and everyday jeans. I love how feminine and delicate this cami is, and it goes great with shorts in the summer or with a sweater in the fall. Paired with these jeans and my hair pulled back, I think there’s a little bit of an edge to the look, like ladylike meets rough-and-tumble.




A song that matches that mood in my mind is “Walk Away” by James Gang. This is such a summer song to me, it pairs perfectly with a hot day and relaxed mindset. The beat always gets in my head, and something about the twang in Joe Walsh’s voice conveys frustration and confidence in a raw, effortless way. The southern rock sound feels very suited for an outfit that is part southern belle and part blue jean cool.


You just turn your pretty head and walk away

I’m switching out my closets today before traveling for the holiday, I don’t think I’ll be needing jeans for awhile now that we’ve finally reached summer weather and a heat wave. Daisy Dukes season has arrived!

Listen to it here!¬†“Walk Away”-James Gang