A casual red and white striped tank top and cuffed light denim are a perfect weekend look. Breezy and loose-fitting, there’s a nice balance between the shapelessness of the tank and the sexiness of the buttons all the way down the front, heightened by the choice not to wear a bra. I love the look of the red and white against denim, there’s something so cool and Route 66 about it without being too Americana.   IMG_1422


A fun, down-for-whatever look like this seems fitting against the background of “Roll with the Changes” by REO Speedwagon. This song stirs up so many emotions in me! The music itself makes me want to rock out and play air drums and dance around so free and happy, and the lyrics give me a sense of yearning, but a hopeful yearning, like when you’re confident that what you want to happen is inevitable, and now you just have to wait for the right time.


I will be here when you are ready
To roll with the changes, baby,
Roll with the changes, 
Ah you know you know you know you got to
Ultimately this song makes me feel like I can relinquish control, and I need that reminder sometimes. I love the peace of mind that comes with feeling like everything is going to work out as it’s meant to, and that sometimes all you can do it sit back and let things unfold as they will. A state of trust and contentment can be hard when you really want something! But it’s infectious when you reach it.
Listen to it here! “Roll with the Changes”-REO Speedwagon

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