Lovely, effortless looks like this are my go-to’s, emphasis on “effortless.” I’m working on taking more time for things like putting products in my hair, experimenting with make-up, wearing jewelry specific to each outfit, but I’m not sure these are things that will ever come naturally to me, or that they will ever feel like a worthy tradeoff of time. An off-the-shoulder cotton sundress is so great for someone like me who wants to express myself through my wardrobe but also doesn’t always want to spend time planning highly-stylized looks; I can throw this dress on and instantly feel attractive and well-dressed. I’m fine with the deep purple color and floral pattern, but it’s the sweetheart neckline and off the shoulder puff sleeves that make me swoon.





I think this dress has just enough old-school and just enough somber romance to it to make “Bye Bye Baby” the right backdrop for it. “Bye Bye Baby” is an upbeat crooner from the Bay City Rollers, and it’s equal parts heart-wrenching, sweet, and…uh? You want to sympathize with the singer, who’s pained to tell the object of his affections goodbye…until he lets it drop that it’s because he’s married. I mean, look…life is messy, and complicated, and who knows what is going on within a relationship, and you ultimately love who you love, regardless of where you are in life. I understand that people fall in love in less than ideal situations…as someone who believes in destined love, I want to believe that circumstances can’t stop souls that are meant to find each other from being together. But I think what irks me about these lyrics is the line, “how good it could be, for me, ” because that selfishness and emphasis on his wants alone is so unattractive and inexcusable. Not to mention, it seems like a false sense of commitment that’s leading him to say goodbye, because he should probably do his partner a favor and let her be free to find someone who doesn’t want to stray in the first place, and he owes it to himself to find the right relationship for him, as well.


I wish it could be

Despite that aspect, this song is so catchy and gets stuck in my head for days at a time. And I still feel heartache over the idea of telling someone you want to be with goodbye! That will never not be tragic to me.

Listen to it here! “Bye Bye Baby”-Bay City Rollers

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