“I could love you, but why begin it”

Lovely, effortless looks like this are my go-to’s, emphasis on “effortless.” I’m working on taking more time for things like putting products in my hair, experimenting with make-up, wearing jewelry specific to each outfit, but I’m not sure these are things that will ever come naturally to me, or that they will ever feel like a worthy tradeoff of time. An off-the-shoulder cotton sundress is so great for someone like me who wants to express myself through my wardrobe but also doesn’t always want to spend time planning highly-stylized looks; I can throw this dress on and instantly feel attractive and well-dressed. I’m fine with the deep purple color and floral pattern, but it’s the sweetheart neckline and off the shoulder puff sleeves that make me swoon.





I think this dress has just enough old-school and just enough somber romance to it to make “Bye Bye Baby” the right backdrop for it. “Bye Bye Baby” is an upbeat crooner from the Bay City Rollers, and it’s equal parts heart-wrenching, sweet, and…uh? You want to sympathize with the singer, who’s pained to tell the object of his affections goodbye…until he lets it drop that it’s because he’s married. I mean, look…life is messy, and complicated, and who knows what is going on within a relationship, and you ultimately love who you love, regardless of where you are in life. I understand that people fall in love in less than ideal situations…as someone who believes in destined love, I want to believe that circumstances can’t stop souls that are meant to find each other from being together. But I think what irks me about these lyrics is the line, “how good it could be, for me, ” because that selfishness and emphasis on his wants alone is so unattractive and inexcusable. Not to mention, it seems like a false sense of commitment that’s leading him to say goodbye, because he should probably do his partner a favor and let her be free to find someone who doesn’t want to stray in the first place, and he owes it to himself to find the right relationship for him, as well.


I wish it could be

Despite that aspect, this song is so catchy and gets stuck in my head for days at a time. And I still feel heartache over the idea of telling someone you want to be with goodbye! That will never not be tragic to me.

Listen to it here! “Bye Bye Baby”-Bay City Rollers

“But I could give it all to you now, if only you could ask”

This dreamy, light-as-air dress makes me feel straight out of a Rococo painting. The strong, pale blue color decorated with delicate white florals is heavenly, but what really separates this dress is it’s stunning shape, fitted and tied at the bust and then flowing out into layers of ruffles that swish with every step. I feel unbelievably romantic while wearing this, and to heighten the romance I wore pink lip color and a pair of light blue and gold jeweled wedge sandals.




A dress so magical and perfect for twirling in is made to be worn while one of my favorite dreamy songs plays-“For You” by Bruce Springsteen. I’ve heard people say before that Bob Dylan is a poet while Bruce is a storyteller, but the poetry in this song sure gives Bob a run for his money. The lyrics in “For You” make my heart ache with romance, there’s so much depth and soul to them and when paired with the music, it hits me so deeply. And when I need a reminder of my strength, I’ll play the lines “Didn’t you think I knew that you were born with the power of a locomotive?” and “Your strength is devastating in the face of all these odds,” and they really do evoke a renewed inner determination. This is another one of those songs that I envision myself dancing to with the love of my life, so happy and overwhelmed in the bliss of the moment.


She’s all I ever wanted

Dresses and songs like this make me feel this infectious sense of happiness and longing, like all I want to do is twirl through life, always following my heart.

Listen to it here! “For You”-Bruce Springsteen

“Fate comes a-knockin’, doors start lockin'”

This blue beauty is one of my favorite winter coats! Bright, elegant, and chic, it’s a timeless statement piece that I’ve dubbed my “Politician’s Wife” coat. Made of lightweight but warm wool and hitting at a midi-length, it’s perfect to wear casually with jeans, like here, or over dressier outfits. When I can’t figure out which coat goes best with a look, I’ll turn to this one because it seems to wear well with just about anything.



Sometimes when I think to myself “Politician’s Wife” coat, I hear the chorus from “Same Old Song and Dance” by Aerosmith in my head, a tongue-in-cheek testament to my exasperation towards the American political system and the players within it. Of course sometimes I watch or read things that inspire hope, but man, it really does feel like nothing. ever. changes,  nor will it. The same personalities run for office, the same promises are made, the same games are played, the same cliche and predictable stories play out. “Same Old Song and Dance” is refreshing because it expresses that frustration in such a cool, glorified way, like it makes you feel good to be fed up. I find the beat infectious, and it works well with this coat too because it’s the kind of song I like to listen to while walking around the city, wearing a powerful look like this and feeling like I’m about to shake things up.


You could look, but you ain’t gonna find it around

I’m admittedly not a huge Aerosmith fan, but the few songs of theirs I like I do really like. I rarely actively listen to them, but every now and then they come on at work or in the car and I remember how much I enjoy their classics.

Listen to it here! “Same Old Song and Dance”-Aerosmith

“Well I guess you’d say, what can make me feel this way?”

This is such a delicate, colorful dress that makes me feel charming and ladylike from the moment I put it on. The purple and pink floral pattern is so pretty, and I love the pleated skirt, it’s so fun to swish around while walking. I wore it with tan faux suede heels to complete the look in an easy, polished way.



A dress this feminine and sweet is best to twirl around in while listening to a song like “My Girl” by The Temptations. I adore this song, and I think it captures such a universal sentiment in a pure, simplistic way. The music is syrupy but still light and airy, and I just love the idea of “my girl/my guy” feelings, that mix of pride and awe and wonder like “wow, that’s the person for me.”


Talkin’ ’bout my girl 

This is a great song to play when everything is starting to bloom! It heightens the fairytale-like quality of nature in springtime, and together they make my heart feel like it could burst with joy and compassion and ridiculous love for the world and everything in it.

Listen to it here! “My Girl”-The Temptations

“I’m ready to play, today”

A baseball style tee and blue jeans are a classic outfit made for spring days spent outside running around. This tee has a heather grey base and burgundy sleeves, and I wore it with mid-wash denim that hits at the ankle and my marled grey/black Nike sneakers. It’s a sporty, casual look that makes me want to be playing in a yard with kids and animals or waxing a car in the driveway (something I indeed know how to do and associate with the first airs of spring!)



The baseball style top can’t help but make me think of “Centerfield” by John Fogerty. Baseball is my favorite sport to watch, and in high school a group of friends and I would get called out by our parents so we could spend Opening Day at Miller Park watching our beloved Brewers. “Centerfield” is a fun, feel-good song that makes you instantly feel like you’re itching to run out onto a field and start playing a pick-up game. This song also makes me think of my friend Matt, because in college he and I would grab gloves and play catch in Central Park, so much so that my parents actually gifted me a women’s glove.


Anyone can understand the way I feel

The line in “Centerfield” about “the Mighty Casey” is nostalgic too, because as kids “Casey at the Bat” was in the rotation of stories my dad would read my siblings and I before bed. Since moving to the East Coast, I prefer to go to Citi Field for Mets games over anything else, but I always wear my Brewers gear around town! My favorite baseball hat to throw on is my blue and yellow old-school Brewers logo cap, it clashes with nearly everything but in my opinion it makes it that much more fun to wear.

Listen to it here! “Centerfield”-John Fogerty

“Beautiful is the dream that makes you mine”

This is one of my favorite spring dresses! A beautiful white wrap dress with a vibrant orange, pink, and green floral print, it’s so light and cheery and makes me feel ultra lovely. I wore some rosy pink lipstick, diamond stud earrings, and pulled my hair back for a youthful, pretty look that leaves all emphasis on the dress itself.



A great upbeat, romantic song to match such a dress is “Rock Me Gently” by Andy Kim. This is such a bubbly, borderline-sappy sweet song that’s perfect for indulging those “lalala, I’m in love!” moods. I love the romance of the lyrics, and I think it’s sweet the idea of “be easy on me, I’ve never felt like this before.” Sometimes I get so carried away with intensity and passion, I forget how much I also love the tender and gentle parts of romance, and this song is a nice reminder!


You were made for me by the stars above

Lines like “Oh, my darling, oh, my baby, you got the moves that drive me crazy” and “Lord, I feel such a sweet surrender,” unleash those fluttery, infatuated feelings that I try so hard to suppress when I feel myself losing control, which makes me particularly relate to the surrendering aspect. I have a hard time in situations that feel unequal or out of my control in so many regards, and it takes a lot for me to surrender to my feelings over my reluctance and frustration. But when it’s worth it and right, surrendering is the sweetest relief of bliss.

Listen to it here! “Rock Me Gently”-Andy Kim