“And would you say goodbye or would you let it ride?”

This is one of my favorite pairs of jeans, a distressed, light-wash style with a boyfriend fit. I paired them the other day with a thin, gold, shimmery long sleeve top from rag & bone and olive open-back block heels.  I like that this outfit has a thrown-together vibe with very relaxed-fit pieces, I think it comes off cool without trying to be.


Bachman-Turner Overdrive is one of my favorite bands to listen to while driving. Their music is the kind that makes you feel like the story of your life is being propelled forward. “Let it Ride” is one of their most famous songs, and one of my favorites. It’s such a powerful song, it evokes feelings of breaking free and moving on mixed with the intensity of a dangerous or rebellious situation. Basically it makes everything feel more dramatic than it really is, and you know that’s how I love to feel. Whatever I’m doing or going through at a moment in time instantly feels cooler when this song is part of the soundtrack.

Which is why I think this outfit fits well with it. This is a cool look that channels a bit of danger and freedom, just like “Let it Ride.”


You can’t see the mornin’, but I can see the light

Wearing ripped jeans and blasting BTO, a simple formula to instantly feel like a badass.

Listen to it here! “Let It Ride”-Bachman-Turner Overdrive

“‘Cause if I had my way with you baby, I would be changing your life today”

A black and white lacy cocktail dress with an open back is the ideal intersection of sexy and classy. I love the fit of this dress, with barely-there cap sleeves, a lace-lined v neck, and a fitted skirt. I feel like there’s something a bit mysterious about this dress, like a female lead in a thriller movie would be wearing it to entice someone while undercover…you know the scene, where the woman is at an upscale bar in a killer dress knowing that all she has to do is sit there and it’s only moments until the man she has sights on comes over and starts flirting with her. (Try and be more predictable, Hollywood.)



The lyrics to “Ebony Eyes” by Bob Welch are essentially that scene. A man sees a woman, feels instantly taken in by her…mmm. I love that idea that there are certain people to each of us that just have something about them, a fire, a je ne sais quoi that make them irresistible. And to be hooked on the eyes, swoon! The eyes reveal so much about a person, including the connection you may have with each other. There are few sexier moments than holding eyes with someone when there’s a mutual desire…I love that feeling so much, it’s exhilarating.


That she was keepin’ a secret fire
And if I got real close I’d burn

“Ebony Eyes” is such a great song, in part because it captures the sexiness and the excitement of that moment. It has a very alluring, seductive sound to it, but then breaks into a dreamier, more passionate chorus, which is a killer combination. Also…my eyes are a mix of brown and green, but tend to look dark in most lighting, so I can’t help but love a song about dark eyes. It’s nice to feel like dark eyes aren’t so boring!

Listen to it here! “Ebony Eyes”-Bob Welch

“I tried to call you before, but I lost my nerve”

This dress was a super inexpensive impulse buy at an H&M, but I’m so happy I let myself get it. I love the corset look, I think it’s ultra feminine and so ridiculously sexy. This is a comfortable, simple cotton dress with a lightweight bustier sewn in, and the bright blue color is striking, especially when I’m more tan (I bought it over the summer when I was very dark.) The short, flirty length makes this a perfect dress to throw on to run errands or meet up with friends for coffee. It’s a fun, casual city dress, and I love the mix of an everyday dress with a vamped up element.



It’s that mix that reminds me of the song “867-5309/Jenny” by Tommy Tutone. First of all, I love this amazingly fun song, it’s a classic to listen to in the car, on the street, in a bar, at a backyard barbecue. But it’s the varying stories behind the song that I think go perfectly with this look; some people think Jenny is a hooker, some think she’s an average girl, one band mate swears she was a real girlfriend, one song writer claims he made her up for the song. Prostitute! Girl next door! This song could be about either, just like this dress could be channeling either.


Jenny I’ve got your number
I need to make you mine
Jenny don’t change your number

Summery tee shirt dress! Cinched waist corset! Maybe this song and this dress are for the women of the world who embrace their sweet and scandalous sides?

Listen to it here! “867-5309/Jenny”-Tommy Tutone

“You’ve got a thing about you, I just can’t live without you”

I own a lot of romantic pieces in my closet, but dare I say this dress might be one of thee most romantic things I own? It is so divine. It’s a cream, silky midi dress with flutter cap sleeves and ruffles around the waist. It is so feminine, so gorgeous, so dreamy. I fantasize about old-school, classic Hollywood-type romantic situations occurring while I wear this dress alllll the time. Like, this dress alone is a reason to book a trip to Paris, how can you own a dress like this and not wear it around Paris? (I’m an extreme but I refuse to believe I’m the only person who thinks like this.) I feel on the level of Ingrid Bergman or Lauren Bacall in this dress, which is delusional, but I swear, it’s like magic wearing it.


I also love how it cinches my waist, I have high hip bones that sometimes make my waist seem to disappear, so I love when I find things to help define my figure properly.


A romantic dress needs a romantic song attached to it, and “Elenore” by The Turtles is that slighty intense, overly romantic song. To start, I love the tune of it; the verses kind of sound like they could be the background music of an episode of Scooby Doo, they’re a little uneasy in an intense, mysterious way. The lyrics are over-the-top romantic, almost cheesy, which is what the band was going for; this song was actually written as a parody of 60s pop love songs, but it sounded so good taken as the real deal that it became a hit. The chorus is my favorite part though, when the tentative sound of the verses builds up and bursts into this passionate, overwhelmingly romantic confession of pure love. I like to envision it as two people making their way to each other, and then bam, ridiculous embrace upon sight.


There’s no one like you, Elenore, really

I mean, besides the fact that one of the lyrics is literally “You’re my pride and joy, et cetera,” you’d never know that it was supposed to be a sarcastic song. The music itself is just so heart-swelling and happy, lyrics be damned. I love “Elenore,” and I love the passion it evokes from me. Cette chanson will definitely be on my playlist quand je marche dans les rues de Paris!*

*(Just for fun–I’m fairly fluent in Spanish and French and my boss pointed out that I will speak in these languages interchangeably throughout the day without even noticing. I love this!! He’s right, I don’t really notice, but it makes me so happy to know my brain thinks in three different languages without prompting. I hope to further strengthen my Spanish and French, and add a fourth language to study soon–I’m still narrowing it down if anyone has suggestions!)

Listen to it here! “Elenore”-The Turtles

“I’m on the hunt I’m after you”

This black blazer with gold buttons is genius, because it’s actually a knit sweater in a blazer cut, which means it’s warmer and more comfortable than a standard blazer but still suits a work environment. I’ve worn this on job interviews and on Saturdays with jeans. The buttons give it a British fashion feel, and I like that it adds something different to an otherwise very classic piece. I paired it with black marled work pants for a polished, professional look.



However, I work in television production, and that tends to mean the work place dress code is super relaxed. Jeans and tees are the norm, and something as dressy as this would actually be quite out of place. Which is something I love about TV–it’s none of that stuffiness and bullshit, no one cares what you’re wearing as long as you’re doing your job. Though I admit that sometimes, I want to dress up like this for work; wearing professional business clothes can make you feel so powerful and confident. Sometimes I want to feel like that badass bitch that’s going after what she wants, and looks like it too!


Which is why an outfit like this makes me think of “Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran. I love the sexual nature of this song, and the use of the hunt as a metaphor for pursing a person. It’s so primal and animalistic and hot (as long as it’s done in a non-harassing way of course…sadly feel like I should clarify that.) It’s so seductive, whether the object of your desire is a person or not, because it’s about knowing what you want and seeking it, which are the feelings I channel when I’m wearing an outfit like this. This song makes me feel so self-assured, sexy, and confident, just like this kind of look.


I howl and I whine, I’m after you

I love feeling like a woman who’s being lusted after by someone I want to devour me, and this song brings those primal urges out of me. I like the fun, lighthearted 80s sound to the song, too, because it’s fun to be wanted by someone you want, and I don’t think many songs capture that fact, that those feelings are fun, and they help make life fun. I wouldn’t even doubt if that’s why so often we convince ourselves someone who’s wrong for us is what we want…because it’s just fun, and doesn’t that alone make it worth it, sometimes?

“Hungry Like the Wolf”-Duran Duran

“I just wanna say, this is my way, of telling you everything”

This is the perfect chilly morning sweater. I love the super soft fleece lining and the gorgeous cream plaid print, it’s rustic and modern and so so cozy. It hits mid-thigh so I even throw it on as a coat or robe sometimes. I love that it feels perfectly in place whether I’m on the East Coast or in the Midwest, in the city or in the mountains. It contributes to a relaxed, easy mood, which is why it’s a go-to for me to throw on during a morning off from work.



I was wearing this the other day and the song “Right Down the Line” came on by Gerry Rafferty, and I thought it was such a perfect fit. “Right Down the Line” is such a mellow, pretty love song that’s perfect background music to a cozy day. I hadn’t heard it in years either, and I had forgotten how much I like it. I tend to like most songs where men are confessing their love for a woman, but this really stands out because it’s so eloquently worded and the music is so subtle, it’s not overly romantic in sound.  The lyrics could be a poem on their own.


And it was you, 
right down the line

This song reminds me of something a groom might write to sing to his bride at their wedding, but I also have fantasies of cooking dinner in a beautiful kitchen with a lover while this song plays, or sitting up against a window on a rainy evening with this song in the background. Romantic, cozy situations…that’s what this song, and this sweater, are perfect for.

Listen to it here! “Right Down the Line”-Gerry Rafferty

“People can you feel it? Love is everywhere”

When I was in Copenhagen this past fall, I bought this gorgeous black sweater and ended up wearing it for the first time in Vienna. It’s a sleeveless, chunky knit turtleneck that belts at the waist and covers your hips. I really love how it fits my frame and I like the unique style of it, it was unlike any other sweater I own. It’s perfect for those fall/spring days that waiver between cold enough to need a jacket and too hot to wear long sleeves. IMG_9120IMG_9382


One of my days in Vienna was just that temperature, so I explored part of the city in this. While I was walking around, “Revival” by The Allman Brothers came on my playlist. I grew up on the Allman Brothers; my dad would play them on car rides and while working around the house, and anytime he was putting on a CD there was a good chance it would be one of theirs. “Just listen to that guitar!” he’d always comment, and I had no idea what separated this guitar sound from any other we listened to. Man, do I understand now though. No one played the guitar like Duane Allman, arguably one of the greatest guitarists who ever lived. It’s insane to me that he was just a kid when he was playing too, he tragically died at 24 and had already left behind so much incredible music. “Revival” is no exception, and with so few lyrics the guitar is really what’s highlighted in this song. I love how the song starts off a little ominous sounding, no lyrics, just music, and then it changes into a totally different song, super upbeat and happy, a literal revival. The lyrics are essentially “People can you feel it, love is everywhere” over and over, but it fits with the music so well. And it succeeds in instilling that feeling in you! When it came on in Vienna it was so perfect, my chest just swelled with this overwhelming happiness for the moment, walking around a new city halfway around the world from my home and just feeling like yes, love is everywhere!


We’re in a revolution 
Don’t you know we’re right

Now I’ll always associate this sweater with that song, which is a little unexpected since it’s a dark, black sweater and such a happy hippie song, but together they helped make such a beautiful memory.

“Revival”-The Allman Brothers Band

“I started searching for a better way”

I am obsessed with these retro orange plaid pants. Slightly obnoxious, totally outdated, but redone with some modern twists to make them absolutely amazing. A simple grey knit cropped tank is all that’s needed to compliment these beauties. They have one exposed zipper in the front and flare into bell bottoms at the ankle. They fit like a glove and I feel ridiculously sexy in them, in all their 70s-inspired glory.



This look makes me think of “Couldn’t Get It Right” by Climax Blues Band. I love this ultra-70s sounding song, it’s cool, fun, and seductive. I always try to imitate how high their voices get during the chorus (I fail, miserably.) This song makes me want to take a road trip at night, playing this loudly and rocking out in my seat.


But I kept on looking for a sign
In the middle of the night

I love songs that capture specific moods, and this song totally captures that carefree, on the road, just wanna have fun mindset. I took for granted how hard it is to get in that headspace once you reach adulthood, but moments when you can let everything on your mind go and just feel totally carefree and up for fun, they’re even more celebrated now.

Listen to it here! “Couldn’t Get It Right”-Climax Blues Band

“And when she dances, oh brother!”

I love this tropical pattern two-piece! It’s perfect for summer street style and warm vacation getaways. The cropped top is ruffled at the collarbone and closes across your breast with three tie strings, and the shorts are loose in the legs and swingy. I paired this outfit with big gold hoop earrings and a pink lipstick. I feel like an Amazonian queen wearing this.


What other song could possibly come to mind in this than “Jump in the Line” by Harry Belafonte! This is one of my favorite songs in the world. It’s fun, it’s classic, it’s perfect for dancing, it’s absolutely magical to me. I love that it has that 1950s/1960s sound to it, it reminds me of the golden era of dance and Hollywood. It’s like my dream to one day own a dance floor with a partner while dancing to this song. Samba, cha-cha, salsa, tango, ballroom, swing, waltz, foxtrot, I love partner dancing. The hard part is finding a male partner who enjoys it and knows the steps, much less one who is also a romantic partner!


Senora, she’s a sensation
The reason for aviation

This song is the perfect way to get a room of people dancing, it’s an infectious beat and the lyrics are so compelling. They even use this song on the video game Just Dance 2, which to me says it’s a song for everyone, regardless of skill level. I put this song on and my hips just start moving; it really is like the song says, “And when she gets the sensation, she go up in the air, come down in slow motion.

Listen to it here! “Jump in the Line”-Harry Belafonte

“She knows music, I know music too, you see”

Whyyyyyy did my parents not name me Rosalie?! This song is everything I could want in a namesake! I listen to it and all I want is to be sung about like this, maybe I should make it a standard that I’ll know a man’s The One when he sings me this song, substituting my name in?

Thin Lizzy is such an amazing group, and “Rosalie” might be my absolute favorite song by them. I love the way the lyrics put Rosalie on a pedestal, this magical “teen queen” who’s clearly charmed her share of men. My favorite part is that he’s so excited she knows music, what a great thing to appreciate about a person! That she has “the power,” and he wants her to “shine” on him, I just love the way he admires her for more than superficial reasons.



This simple, off-the-shoulder long sleeve black top and medium wash blue jeans seems like the kind of look a record store teen would wear. I love that it’s so classic in style, and effortlessly attractive. I feel cool in this outfit, and I never feel cool.


I also have a bit of eye make-up on, which is a tribute to my teenage days when I thought I had to wear make-up in order to look pretty, which sadly is a stage I think most teenage girls go through.


She’s so fantastic
She’s everybody’s favorite little record girl

I can’t not sing and dance to “Rosalie” when I hear it, it’s so infectious. I feel irresistible when I listen to it, almost like I’m projecting the lyrics onto myself, which I’m debating admitting because it sounds so vain, but it’s a projection in good fun and empowerment, I promise. And until someone writes a song about a Tarin, feeling myself in a Rosalie will have to do.

Listen to it here! “Rosalie”-Thin Lizzy