“I got my mind made up, I need to feel your touch”

This dress!! I found it in college and was instantly enamored with it. I love old maps, I think they’re so beautiful, art in their own way. The fit of this dress is very youthful, almost like it belongs on a doll. I love the rare color scheme, gold and grey and orange, with a tiny touch of pink. I added a little bit of red lipstick to bring color to my face since the colors of the dress could easily wash it out. (Since I don’t usually wear eye or skin make up, I tend to use lipstick to add some color and definition to my face.)



I’ve been listening to Bryan Adams’ “Run to You” a lot recently. It’s another hot and heavy 80’s song, but this one has a morally-questionable twist. I don’t think anyone would condone cheating, but what I find relatable in the song is the passion he sings about for a person. I love the idea of having so much passion and need for someone, that any risk is worth it, you just can’t stay away. As someone who believes in fate, soulmates, and that life is meant to be lived to the fullest, I seek out passion in everything I do. This can get me into trouble sometimes, but I don’t know any other way to live. I mean, it says a lot that Anna Karenina is the literary character I identify with most out of any works I’ve read. While I strive to live as a better, less selfish person than Anna, her desire to follow her heart at any cost and to live life on her own terms instead of being suppressed within societal constraints is so on par with my own outlook on life and love. I want to believe that nothing can stop you from being with someone you’re meant to be with. I want to believe that there is one special person that will make you happier than any other person ever could, an undeniable soulmate connection with just one person in your life that makes all other connections pale in comparison. I think you just have to hope that the circumstances will be ideal when you meet that person, but I also hope I’m not just using my belief in fate as some sort of excuse for poor behavior if the circumstances aren’t ideal, either.


But it’s so damn easy making love to you 

My map dress ties in with the idea of running to a person you can’t be kept apart from, no matter where they are or how you have to get to them; it serves as a rather literal representation of what is so often a metaphorical distance. Oh love, oh lust, oh romance, oh passion! You make life so magical, and so risky, too.

Listen to it here! “Run to You”-Bryan Adams

“And in these times that we’re apart, I’ll hear this song that breaks my heart”

Sleepy Sunday mornings call for dreamy comfort. This gorgeous blue and white sweater coat is absolute bliss to wrap up in, it’s so soft and warm but still structured. Paired with a simple grey t-shirt and some casual light-wash jeans, it’s great for a fall morning around the house or out in nature.


I’ve never seen the documentary “Searching for Sugarman,” but when it came out a few years ago it cast a light on the music of Sixto Rodriguez, an artist from the 60’s who remains largely unknown in the United States. Rodriguez is the king of dreamy music to get lost in. Sometimes I actually have a hard time listening to him, because it can make my heart so panged and achy. “I Think of You” kills me every time I hear it. This soft guitar tune is heart-wrenching, as Rodriguez sings about constant reminders of memories with an old love.


“My days now end as they’ve begun, with thoughts of you”

This outfit and this song are the perfect combination for an easy Sunday morning. I love to start weekend mornings with a large mug of black coffee, a newspaper Crossword puzzle, and music to set the tone of the day. My goal is to one day start mornings off with horseback rides out in a forest…but for now, they start curled up at the kitchen table.

My parents are probably the least materialistic people I know, so I love to indulge them with nice presents, partly because I know they’d never spend money on themselves and partly because I am excellent at my role as “that” daughter in the family, the one whose personality is ridiculously different from theirs in all the ways they find obnoxious. This is extra fun when you live in New York amidst the most luxurious and extravagant shopping in the world, and thus why this Tiffany mug exists in my parent’s house. I think they secretly get a kick out of the touches of New York scattered around their house, just like I think they’re ultimately proud to have a daughter who branched out and created a life for herself in a place so different from her upbringing.


I’m missing New York so much, making “I Think of You” extra fitting right now…

Listen to it here! “I Think of You”-Sixto Rodriguez

“You’re a mystery, always runnin’ wild, like a child without a home”

I’m starting with the song this time because oh. my. goddddddddddd. Def Leppard is some of the sexiest music I could ever imagine. It’s just so, uhhh and ahhh and mmmmmmm!!! Seriously, listen to just about any of their songs and you’ll understand what that last sentence means. It’s pure “shove me up against a wall and…” kind of music, the kind I dance around like Tawny Kitaen to, the kind that heightens a make out session to its most passionate and sexy. Ugh.

Case in point is that even their songs about heartbreak are insanely sexy. “Bringing’ on the Heartbreak” gets me from the second it opens with that amazing whining guitar sound. And the build up before the chorus, “Oh can’t you see? You got the best of me, Whoaa, can’t you see?”  It’s so raw, you feel such a physical ache, a carnal yearning listening to it. I cannot get enough Def Leppard when I’m in the right mood.


So usually Def Leppard brings some hot leather and lace to mind, and trust me, those outfits exist in my closet, but this body hugging, brown heather sweater dress was associated with the song recently.


I was wearing this dress on one of my first days back in Milwaukee, and “Bringin’ on the Heartbreak” came on the radio while I was driving and it made me SO happy, I just blasted and belted it out. I think that just like a song about heartbreak is surprisingly sexy, so is this cowlneck sweater dress. It’s so soft and hugs every curve. I feel effortlessly feminine and put-together when I’m wearing it. The color is very muted and unflashy, too, which balances the fit of the dress and keeps it from being overtly sexy, and therefore appropriate for daytime wear.

The cowlneck also gives it some added dimension in the bust area, so the focus isn’t just on the curves the dress accents.


I feel like the past 6 months, I’ve totally uprooted my life, which isn’t really true but physically it has sort of felt like it. After spending 7 to 8 years firmly rooted in New York City, I took time away to spend 2 months in Europe, 3 weeks in Chicago/Milwaukee, 2 weeks in Utah, 3 weeks back on the East Coast, 3 more weeks in Europe, 2 more weeks out east, and now I’m here in the Midwest again. It’s been a lot, and I can’t wait to get settled back down at home again. There’s a line in “Bringin’ on the Heartbreak” that resonates with me and how I’ve been feeling amidst so much movement:

You’re a mystery, always runnin’ wild, like a child without a home”

I do love an air of mystery, and the thrill of some wild, but after this job, I am so ready to be homeeeeee.

Listen to it here! “Bringin’ on the Heartbreak”-Def Leppard

“And all the remnants of her recent past are scattered in the wild wind”

I’m staying at my parent’s place and working on a show that’s shooting in Milwaukee, and with that comes crisp, cool, PERFECT fall weather. (And no, I have yet to find one person on this job who can explain to me why a major network show is shooting in Milwaukee.)


This wool black-and-white plaid shirt dress is so cozy and warm for a blustery day. I love that you feel bundled up wearing it but it’s still short, sexy, and feminine.


And the zipper let’s you choose just how sexy you want it to be…and/or adjust accordingly to the temperature.

This dress makes me start humming Bob Dylan’s “Black Diamond Bay,” because of memories I have of taking scenic fall car rides with my friend Dallas while playing Dylan’s album “Desire.” “Black Diamond Bay” is perfect for a fall drive, with a beautiful, slightly haunting tune and lyrics to match. It evokes a cozy, romantic feeling that’s similar to being in a warm, safe place while observing the cold outside. I can’t hear this song without picturing the gorgeous Wisconsin countryside in late October, fall colors electric against a stormy blue sky.

“She walks across the marble floor
Where a voice from the gambling room is callin’ her to come on in
She smiles, walks the other way”

I have a daydream of slow dancing to “Black Diamond Bay” in a beautiful, 1920’s decorated venue while a fire in an ornate fireplace roars and the outside world disappears…but that’s a fantasy for another dress.

Listen to it here! “Black Diamond Bay”-Bob Dylan