Welcome to And You Wear It Well!

Hi! My name is Tarin and I’m a 26-year-old Wisconsin native who moved to New York City at the age of 18. I work in television production and love the exciting and creative nature of my industry–I really can’t imagine working in any other field. I’m deeply passionate about self-expression, creative pursuits, and bringing yourself as you are into the world.

Since an early age, one of my greatest passions has been fashion. I love clothing, to a fault, probably; I cringe thinking about how much money I have spent on the closets-full (literally, multiple closets, full) of clothing and accessories I have. I love putting together outfits, finding reasons to dress up, and honestly, just having the perfect outfit for any occasion I could ever imagine. (Did I mention my creativity often manifests in elaborate fantasies?) I do always find a perfect situation for a piece, really! I’m not wasteful with clothing, I just love so many different styles and colors and patterns and materials and…I just really, really love embracing the mood of an event or situation and who I am in that situation through the outfit I’m wearing, I think that’s what it comes down to.

But clothing isn’t my only passion, by far. One I developed a little later in life is for listening to music. Music hits me so¬†hard. I am a very emotional person by nature, a woman who feels incredibly deeply and embraces it (for better and for worse.) The right song at the right moment, I’m not sure how to put into words how deeply it can consume me, how much feeling it can evoke from me. I was never particularly into music growing up, but in high school when I got my first iPod and started scouring for songs to fill it up with, I discovered just how much I enjoyed music from all genres. I mean, I’m first and foremost a classic rock girl; music from the ’60s to ’80s, nothing makes me happier. From the carefree fun of The Rolling Stones to the lust-filled sexiness of Billy Squier to the poetic pain of Bob Dylan to the hope-filled yearning of Bruce Springsteen, I. love. your parents’. music. But my tastes go well beyond classic rock, with favorites spanning today’s Top 40, hardcore rap, opera, ’50s crooning, tango, classical, samba, Weird Al, even folk. Eclectic, absolutely, but much like clothes, I’m a woman of many tastes. I just love music that speaks to what I’m feeling at a given moment.

So how do these two passions intertwine? Quite seamlessly, actually. As someone who gets the urge to respond in conversation by belting out applicable song lyrics, certain outfits and the feelings evoked by these outfits are usually associated with a certain song in my mind. Just as a song can be tied to memories of a moment, the outfit that I was wearing in that moment also becomes tied to that song. And sometimes, all the connection is based on is the aesthetic; a black leather pants and stiletto heel boots look is more likely to channel a Meatloaf song than say, a Roy Orbison song. Music and clothing serve the same purpose for me; they evoke feelings, and contribute to moods, and help radiate who you are on the inside, and they are both major passions of mine that my creative, expressive self loves to indulge in.

Which is the entire point of this writing endeavor! I feel very repressed if I don’t channel my creative energies into something, and I have this need to share what I have to offer with the world, to know I’m contributing something unique and inspiring and good. I think I can express many facets of myself through a showcase of outfits with an accompanying song, and hopefully it’s fun and entertaining, too.

Rod Stewart has a great song, “You Wear It Well,” and I’d like to use it to pay tribute to amazing music and beautiful clothing. There’s something really magical about feeling so good and so like you when wearing clothes that amplify your sense of self and listening to music that triggers your innermost emotional core. I’m so excited to share a little of myself with the world through the outfits and music that mean something to me, and I hope it inspires others to delve into their passions as means of self-expression.